How to change your master code on your Honeywell Ademco System


Many alarm systems installed in San Diego County are Honeywell or Ademco alarm panels. The master code allows you to arm/disarm the system and add/change additional codes. There are two ways to change your master code on your Honeywell/Ademco security system. You will need to know either the installer code or the system master code. (Default installer code 4112 and master code is 1234).

With the installer code:
Enter Installer code + 8 0 2 + New master code

With the Master code:
Enter Current master code + 8 0 2 + New maser code 2 X (two times)

If you do not know the Installer code you can re-set it by doing the following:
1. Power down the alarm system (un plug the alarm and disconnect the back-up battery)
2. Power up the alarm system
3. Press * and # together on the keypad within the first minute of power up
4. Press * 2 0 then the new installer code
5. Press * 9 9

If you have any additional questions or need help resetting your alarm master code, please call us to have a professional do it for you. Some Ademco/Honeywell panels (older versions) work slightly different so always consult your installer manual before attempting to re-set the code yourself.

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